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Scholarly Platform

Reflecting and Shaping the Digital Age

The Scholarly Platform Reflecting and Shaping the Digital Age provides a forum for the investigation of the societal implications of research in data science and scientific computing and the media upheavals associated with the digital age. It brings together members of the different scientific and methodological domains with high-profile researchers from the humanities, the social and the law sciences. While the different domains of the CDS are strongly methods-driven, the broader discussion of possibilities and risks of media upheavals has always been at the core of the humanities as well as in the social and the law sciences. Advances in the fields of big data, supercomputers and artificial intelligence in combination with the rise of new digital media require a critical observation and reflection of the transformation from the analogue to the digital age. Moreover, digitalization embraces all aspects of personal and social life. This provokes new research questions relating to the effects of digital communication modes on modes of perception, knowledge acquisition, personal development and education as well as on social, ethical and legal implications. 

Data Literacy Education

The Scholarly Platform sets out to establish a broad interdisciplinary dialogue on data-related problems, questions, and ideas. A central aim is to engage not only researchers, but also students, into this dialogue. To this end, the Scholarly Platform is currently involved in establishing a university-wide program in data and digital literacy education. 

Third Mission