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Prof. Landesberger's research focus is on interactive visualization and visual analytics of complex and large datasets. She and her research group study novel visualization techniques, interactive exploration interfaces, and visual analytics systems combining data analysis, machine learning, and interactive visualization for supporting decision processes. The work group deal with large and complex data sets such as graphs (e.g., contact networks, social networks, financial networks, protein interactions, transportation networks, …), movement data (e.g., in transportation, sports, …), various biological and medical data (e.g., patient data, infections, CT, proteins, phylogenies, …), time series (e.g., temperature, financial data, earth observations, …) or multivariate data (e.g., screening data, socioeconomic data, …). The novel visualization and visual analytics techniques are applied in various domains such as transportation, finance, journalism or biology, medicine or meteorology.

Prof. Landesberger is an internationally renowned researcher who received the 2015 Academia Europaea Burgen Scholar Award, as well as the 2014 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics best reviewer award. For her research on disease spreading visualization, she received an honorable mention at VIS 2020. She is a member of Eurographics and also involved in the organization of several workshops. She regularly serves as program chair, best paper committee member and steering committee member of major international visualization conferences such as VIS, EuroVA, and EuroVis.

Visual pattern analysis and localization in a 3D protein structure

Selected publications

  1. T. Baumgartl, M. Petzold, M. Wunderlich, M. Höhn, D. Archambault, M. Lieser, A. Dalpke, S. Scheithauer, M. Marschollek, V. M. Eichel, N. T. Mutters, HiGHmed Consortium, T. von Landesberger, "In Search of Patient Zero: Visual Analytics of Pathogen Transmission Pathways in Hospitals", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (VAST 2020), 27(2):711-721, 2021. IEEE VAST Best paper honorable mention.
  2. M. Müller, M. Petzold, M. Wunderlich, T. Baumgartl, M. Höhn, V. Eichel, N. T. Mutters, S. Scheithauer, M. Marschollek, T. von Landesberger, "Visual Analysis for Hospital Infection Control using a RNN Model", EuroVA, 2020.
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