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Date: January 10, 2024, 4–5:30 p.m. CET.

Speaker: Dr. Tim Gerrits (RWTH Aachen University), ORCID


     Weyertal 86–90, 50931 Cologne
     Mathematical Institute (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap)
     Seminar Room 1 (Room 0.05)

Title: Bringing Visualization to National HPC Infrastructure: Designing Dialogues

Abstract: The rapid advancements of high performance computing hardware and efficient algorithms allows domain scientists to create more efficient, accurate, and reliable models of real-world phenomena. However, this also leads to an increase of size and complexity of data, resulting in cumbersome or unfeasible analysis processes. While the visualization community has been actively exploring new approaches and metaphors to address these challenges, modern scientific visualization tools have not yet found their way into the day-to-day workflow of domain scientists. As part of the national high performance computing initiative (NHR), the Cross-Sectional Group Visualization aims to bridge this gap.

This talk focuses on the challenges, limitations, and potential of this journey. It covers insights into current practices, wishes, and requirements of HPC users in regards to visualization, gained from the unique network and close collaboration of HPC-related researchers. It presents custom solutions to individual problems and proposes an outlook on the future of visualization within high performance computing.