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Machine Learning and Medicine — 7 July 2023

This one-day workshop is jointly organized by the Center for Data and Simulation Science (CDS) and the Data-Driven Medical Research (DDMR) network.

The workshop will take place at the Seminar building of the University of Cologne.

Each presenting department/group will prepare a 5-minute elevator pitch and a poster providing insights into your department's/group's work and achievements, incl. current and planned use cases (if applicable), especially those for which you seek collaborators. Your presentation should focus on key findings and important information, while the poster should include essential details about your department's work.


  • 09:00–09:05: Welcome (Prof. Klawonn)
  • 09:05–10:45: Elevator Pitches
    • 09:05–09:50: 5 Pitches
    • 09:50–10:00: 10 Minute Break
    • 10:00–10:45: 5 Pitches
  • 10:45–11:00: Coffee Break
  • 11:00–12:00: Poster Session
  • 12:00–13:30: Use Case Discussion Forum (discussing, suggesting, and modifying existing as well as new use cases and projects, finding partners, concretizing the ideas from the morning)
Speaker Topic
Aleksandar Bojchevski TAIL: Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Lab
Katarzyna Bożek Data Science for Bioimages
Michael Butler Medical Science Data Hub
Liliana Caldeira Artificial Intelligence in the Radiology Department
Jennifer Eckhoff Surgical Robotic Innovation - Artificial Intelligence for Surgical Workflow Analysis
Julia Gehrmann Institute for Biomedical Informatics (BI-K) – An excerpt from current and future research at BI-K
Axel Klawonn Scientific Machine Learning – Selected Topics
Rocio Rebollido-Rios Computational Biomedicine & Bioinformatics
Max Sondag Visual Analytics for Infection Control
Achim Tresch Cologne OMICS Ambulance