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Age-Associated Alteration of Molecular Networks

CDS members associated with the project: Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer

Aging is characterized by a gradual loss of cellular – and tissue functions. Underlying these changes are alterations in intra-cellular molecular networks involving the interactions between genes (DNA), proteins, and other biomolecules. Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer and his working group develop computational approaches for exploring age-associated changes in molecular networks. The integrated analysis of protein concentrations, gene activities, and network information, for example, allows for the identification of specific molecular networks that are subject to activity changes as part of the aging process. This yields information about the mechanisms of the process itself, and could help to identify interventions that might delay aging.

The working group develops algorithms for filtering large amounts of data for relevant information, such as interactions between genes and proteins. Integrating heterogeneous data sets using machine learning and network methods is of particular interest, as this can open approaches to new questions that cannot be answered by evaluating individual data sets in isolation.

The working group has made important contributions to further develop a range of biostatistical and bioinformatic methods, such as systems genetics techniques, network biology, and functional genomic screen analysis. The group’s work has also resulted in fundamental findings on the link between a protein’s function and the manner in which its concentration is regulated in the cell.