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Professor Ketter’s research group aims to advance society toward a sustainable future through a highly interdisciplinary research program that draws from data analytics, decision science, computer science, economics, behavioural science, and machine learning. Their work applies analysis and synthesis to address the question of how information systems can be designed to address sustainability challenges in society. Topics include:

  • Analysis and Design of Multi-echelon Markets
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Competitive Benchmarking of sustainability policies and strategies
  • Smart (Energy) Markets
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous decision support through intelligent software agents
  • Simulation of markets and society
  • Sustainable business models

Examples include:

  • Power TAC - Competitive Benchmarking
  • Cassandra - Smart Grid stakeholder simulation
  • Dutch Flower Auctions
  • Market-based electric vehicle charging coordination
  • Autonomous Agents and vehicles in Smart Cities
  • Electric vehicle fleet management
  • Impact of high penetration of renewable energy on electricity markets
  • Bidding strategies for renewable energy in electricity markets
  • Industrial and residential energy cooperatives
  • Tackling the intermittency challenges of renewable energy

For further details, see Prof. Ketter’s Research Research Group.

Selected publications

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