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In his research, Daniel Seifried focuses on simulating the interstellar medium, i.e. the gas between the stars in our Milky Way, and in particular on the formation process of stars. This process spans many orders of magnitude in spatial scales and densities, which makes it computationally highly challenging. Within the SILCC project, he investigates the star formation process in our Milky Way from kpc down to sub-pc scales by means of large-scale, massively parallelized simulations which require partly millions of CPU-hours. These simulations have to consider simultaneously various physical aspects like magneto-hydrodynamics, radiative transfer and astrochemistry. In particular, he works on the formation and evolution of molecular clouds, the birth places of stars. It is of personal interest of Daniel Seifried to compare such simulations with actual astronomical observations by means of synthetic observations. Such comparisons provide an ultimate test for any kind of star formation simulation but also allow for a better understanding of existing observations.

A 3D representation of a simulated molecular cloud, showing the highly complex filamentary and sheet-like structure within which stars are born.

Selected Publications

  1. D. Seifried, S. Walch, S. Haid, P. Girichidis, T. Naab, Is Molecular Cloud Turbulence Driven by External Supernova Explosions?, 2018, ApJ, 855, 81.
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